Get started with Addons development

Addons in Codebox are designed to extend functionnalities of the IDE. The core of Codebox is limited to contains only the structure of the IDE: UI components (tabs, menus, panels), Boot process, Addons management, Files Management (The core source code is available at: node.js core and client core.

Most of the IDE functionnalities are conserved in the defaults addons. These addons are stored in addons folder and all start with "cb.".

Addons can extend the client and the node process. Addons structure is based on a node.js package structure. Addon code should be stored in a GIT (GIT is used for downlaoding the addon's code during the installation).

Writting an HelloWorld Addons

The best way for developing addons is to install Codebox locally and run it an adapted configuration.

1) Create a GIT repository for your add-on (for example on GitHub or Bitbucket)

2) Open a .env file in the Codebox directory and add the following environment variables:

export DEV=true
export WORKSPACE_ADDONS_DIR=/Users/You/codebox/addons  # change it for a directory outside the codebox directory

3) Start codebox with these variables using:

$ npm start

4) Use your Codebox Addons Manager to install the Hello World Addons.

5) Change the name of the "hello" folder, the name of the package in **package.json" and the git remote url to your repository uing:

$ git remote set-url origin

6) Restart Codebox using $ npm start and you just finished your first HelloWorld add-on!

Writting your add-on