Run Codebox from source

If you wan to contribute on Codebox and run it from source to easily test your changes, this article is here to help you.

No need to use the grunt command, simply fill a .env file in the root source code directory with:

# Will force the rebuild of all the add-ons and avoid client cache
export DEV=true
export CLIENT_DEBUG=true

# Others configurations
export WORKSPACE_NAME=test

# Where to store installed addons
export WORKSPACE_ADDONS_DIR=/Users/samypesse/Desktop/Projects/CodeBox/addons

# Where the project source code is stored (=active directory)
export WORKSPACE_DIR=/Users/samypesse/Desktop/Projects/CodeBox/examples/node-js-sample

Get a full list of environment variables in this article.

When your .env file is ready, simply run:

$ npm start

It will read the environment variables from the .env and start the build & run process.