Environment variables

Codebox use environment variables for defining its configuration, here is a list of all possibles configurations:

Name Description Default
PORT HTTP Port for running the IDE 8000
DEV Dev-mode: rebuild all the addons at boot, logs, ...
WORKSPACE_DIR Workspace current directory Shell current directory
WORKSPACE_NAME Name for this workspace "Workspace"
WORKSPACE_PUBLIC If defined the workspace will be considered as public false
WORKSPACE_USERS_MAX Max number of active collaborators on the box 100
WORKSPACE_USERS_MAX Max number of users 100
WORKSPACE_HOOK_AUTH Url for the authentification hook
WORKSPACE_HOOK_EVENTS Url for the events hook
WORKSPACE_HOOK_SETTINGS Url for the settings hook
WORKSPACE_HOOK_TOKEN Token to pass as Authorization header for all web hooks
WORKSPACE_ADDONS_DIR Path to the directory where to store installed addons addons/installed
WORKSPACE_ADDONS_BLACKLIST List of addons name blacklisted separated by commas
WORKSPACE_ADDONS_DEFAULTS_DIR Path to the directory where to store (or where are stored) defaults addons addons/defaults
WORKSPACE_ADDONS_TEMP_DIR Path to the directory where to temporary store installed addons system temporary directory